Testimonials from JY-Tri Athletes

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jill I had always wanted to do a triathlon but had no idea where to begin. Where do I begin training? What kind of bike do I need? What do I wear? Do I need a wetsuit? What should I be eating? I was truly a beginner with A LOT of questions. Coach John never made me feel stupid for asking anything and gave great advice!

The feeling of crossing the finish line after a triathlon is like none other – knowing that you have accomplished more than most ever will. If it wasn’t for the the coaching I had, I wouldn’t have ever known that feeling. Coach John pushed will push you beyond what you believe to be possible – only then do you realize what you are fully capable of. Most of us only use 10% of our potential - but Coach John will have you using the other 90%!

John made training not only challenging but fun – not an easy balance. Spin classes, training rides, long runs, morning swims, open water swim training, John made sure I was prepared. He with me every step of the way – from the first spin class to my first triathlon finish.

The knowledge and experience that Coach John brings to triathlon training only competes with the passion he has for it. John’s drive for triathlon training is contagious. You will start with the goal of wanting to finish a sprint triathlon but that goal quickly changes to wanting to finish the IronMan!

- Jill Johnson (First Time Triathlete)


John Yusko is a great coach that leads by example. Rather than telling you what to do, he invites you to join him and will lead by example! He’s an excellent motivator that never misses a workout- and much of the time does multiple workouts per day. As if that’s not inspiration enough, he’s also a master of building a great triathlon community around him. He invites men and women of all ages to join his team and turns a group of perfect strangers into great athletes that forge special relationships with one another. John creates challenging training plans and workouts that change week to week keeping things fresh and exciting. His communication of these plans to the team well in advance helps immensely when balancing work, family, friends, etc. John will get everything out of you. You will become faster and stronger and see amazing progress in your ability in a matter of weeks. He’s very knowledgable with race planning and gauging what’s possible for each athlete individually. The results of his group of his athletes speaks for itself. We all train hard, avoid injury, and finish our races!

- Michael Quinton (IM 140.6 & 3:22 Marathon)


When I started working out with Coach John, I was a good runner, an OK swimmer and a novice biker. By the time I crossed the finish like at IM Raleigh, I felt like an incredible runner (shaved an average 1 min/mile off my race times), a great biker and a pretty good swimmer! I give much of the credit to coach John.

I've always worked out but never really trained. He taught me what it really means to train and how to push myself to new limits. He taught me about discipline and mental toughness. He provides structure to your workout routine but makes it flexible enough so that you can fit it into your life.

I am finishing off the year with a marathon. I didn't think I would do another one but after finishing my 70.3, I had the confidence to tackle this challenge for the 3rd time. I'm expecting to shave an hour off of my personal record. Again, I give much of this credit to Coach John. I simply could not have done it without him!!

- Kristen Leigh (Basa) (IM 70.3 & 3:28 Marathon)


My journey started in 2010. As a strong but fat weightlifter, I struggled with weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar… a walking train wreck. After years of trying to beat it on my own, I finally fell on my knees and asked for help. Funny how the greatest moment of strength in my life came when I realized my own weakness, fell to my knees, humbled myself, and asked God and others for help. The journey began, and every minute of this story shaped my destiny.

My doctor “made” me get P90X and start a healthier lifestyle based on the type of exercise I did and how I structured my diet. 18 pounds gone. I then went to Nuview Nutrition (www.nuviewnutrition.com), and they helped me tune my diet. Another 13 pounds gone. And then the magic words, “You can do this, I believe in you.” I thought Coach John was crazy. Me??? Why would you believe in me? We’ve all heard something similar from him, “You can do this, you will be an Ironman.” I didn’t believe in me.

I tried every excuse to not start training. I couldn’t swim a length of the pool. The last time I had run over 5 miles I tore my calf so severely that I was hospitalized and told in no uncertain terms to NEVER EVER run again by the surgeon and later by a myriad of doctors. Coach persisted, “You got this. i believe in you.” Funny how those words can shape a destiny…

Little by little, Coach John’s persistence won me over. In body, not in spirit. I still didn’t believe in me. But as we started swimming, as we started cycling more, and as we started running, I started to believe in me. Once the team formed and I was surrounded by high caliber athletes with Ironman attitudes, I began to truly believe in me. And once I began truly believing in me, the result was a foregone conclusion.

Seven months after starting with Coach John, I competed in my first triathlon, an Olympic distance, and surprised myself with the results. A month later I successfully completed Michigan Mountain Mayhem, a 130 mile cycling race with nearly 10,000 feet of elevation. A few months later and I successfully completed a half-Ironman in 5:23. Lastly, only a year after starting with Coach John, I completed Ironman Chattanooga in 11:37, and more importantly I had the time of my life doing so. What a blast!!!

Life’s short. You were born of the seeds of greatness, and you were born for a purpose - something much larger than you. You were designed to take chances, to live life, to take risks, and to make a difference. Don’t let your potential go untapped - make a difference... Live life to the fullest... Carpe diem... And just go for it. I promise you the journey of a lifetime that you won’t regret…

- Dave VanEpps


Coach John has been an integral part of my success in IRONMAN this year. His training methods provided instant improvements in my training and performance. Coach John is a motivator that routinely goes above and beyond all expectations and his positive attitude and knowledge of the sport inspires confidence and success. He will push you hard so that you deliver your best and in the end you when you cross that finish line you will be in the best shape of your life. Whether you are new to the sport or looking for that added boost there is no doubt Coach John can provide you with the intensity necessary to accomplish all of your goals!

- Jason Grembi


I’ve known John Yusko for several years. As one of the members of his Ironman-Triathlon team, it is my pleasure to write this testimonial to John’s coaching experience, his enthusiasm, his unparalleled dedication and his unwavering persistence.

Woody Allen is often quoted as saying ‘80% of success in life is showing up. In that realm, Coach Yusko has this key prerequisite for training athletes well covered. John always shows up. Rain (or even Hurricane), shine, sleet, snow, tsunami - doesn’t stop him. He is always ever-present, both by being physically onsite per team schedule, and of course, by bringing that incredible energy and intensity that is his trademark and calling card.

John’s athlete’s directly benefit from his experience and guidance. He is able to relate to the absolute beginner, the seasoned and experienced, as well as, elite level athletes. He helps each individual adjust their personal programs to achieve their specific goals.

I owe John a debt of gratitude. He is always pushing and, thankfully, never gives up. He’s a consistent source of positive encouragement. He's introduced me to the fantastic world of Ironman 70.3 events. Thanks to Coach Yusko, IM events are now a part of my life, where I find pleasure in the training, the preparation, the event of race day, the camaraderie, and all aspects of the IM world.

Looking forward to the upcoming 2015 with Coach John and the team.


- Joshua - 6x IronMan70.3, 2013-2014 All-World IM70.3, proud member of Coach John’s Tri-Team.

- Syracuse (’13), Steelhead (’13, ’14), Raleigh (’14), Miami (’13, ’14).


I used to just ride bikes. When I met Coach John. I wasn’t a runner. Four months later I finished a marathon. Triathlon? That is crazy. If I fell out of a boat I could swim but swim laps for fun? Now I love swimming and Coach John says I’m a fast swimmer.

Triathlon isn’t a one day event. It is a journey. Coach John pushes himself and his athletes to go a little bit longer or faster or smarter…every day. He often sends email reflections on what you accomplished that day. On a daily basis you will crush your expectations of what you thought you could do. When it is time for your big event, all those daily steps will remind you that aren’t on the starting line, but rather just a few hours or minutes from the finish line of a long adventure.

Yes, you have to be a little crazy to do triathlon. Some might say Coach John is the craziest. I’d just call him an extremely zealous motivator and fanatical triathlete…OK; maybe he’s a little nuts.

- Jerry Coe (IM 70.3)


When I first met John , it was after an indoor Tri in 2011....when he approached me and asked if I would be interested in training for an Ironman...with a team.....along with a group of coaches .

I said I really don't know how to swim, have a fear of open water but would love to be part of his group......John said "just bring me your desire and commitment " ..the rest will take care of itself..

As if that reassurance was not enough....John introduces me to his daughter Lindsey who takes down my information....and says " you will love my Dad..he is a great coach ".

John has lived up to and has surpassed his daughter Lindsey's description..

The individuals he has assembled into a very " tight" team.....the network of sponsors he has constructed along with the environment he creates is contagious !!!!... He creates belief ...he demonstrates belief by example...Triathlon is John's passion ...he shares his passion at every opportunity. Our team is extraordinary ! The addiction to this sport is life- changing ....the relationships life - long.

- Charlie Siracusa (IM 70.3)


When Taylor King hired me as her Coach, A year and a half ago, Taylor had a hard time running one mile. At IronMan Maryland 140.6 on September 21st...Taylor swam 2.4 miles (and beat me) , bikes 112 miles and ran 26.2 in 13:05:57. Taylor wrote on her facebook page....Anything is possible. I AM AN IRONMAN! I My message to you: .You could be the next Taylor…Anything is possible!

- Taylor King (IM 70.6 and IM 140.6)


I first met Coach John in August of 2014 at the Steelhead Ironman 70.3. I had “found” triathlon two years before and had done a few sprints and even an Olympic level event, but this would be my first real Ironman event. I had been training for the event all year with one of my running buddies, Jerry, who previously trained with John for a Marathon. John had invited us to join his coach pre-race dinner. I was impressed by the range of athletes John was working with, from those who were life time athletes and had already completed Ironman events to others who previously never dreamed that a half ironman was possible in their lifetime. I was also very pleasantly surprised at how much John incorporate spouses and friends into the dinner and event. Asking “what have you learned this year” and warmly incorporating us into the dinner. I finished the event, my first half ironman, but was pretty beat up the next several days.

As I headed into 2015, I decided to put it all on the line and registered for Ironman Mont Tremblant. As a busy professional, with a lovely wife and two daughters, I knew I could not pull this off on my own. Working with John and the team out of the RenCen, Fraser Bike (with my new Cannondale Slice!) and the downtown Y, I ramped up my mileage each month and did the half Ironman with John and the team in Raleigh in June (2014) – almost 20 minutes faster than Steelhead in 2013 and with no residual soreness!

Working with the team we hit the Michigan roads hard on the weekends and with a few Centuries and 20 mile runs under my belt was ready for Ironman Mont Tremblant in August! The funny thing about Mont Tremblant is how confident I was that I would be successful. No pre-race jitters, just confidence as I entered the water with over 400 other thrashers. The bike, despite almost 7,000 feet of climb was not that bad after all the hill climbs at Kensington and “Level 24” spin classes at the RenCen. The run was hard, as it should be, but I finished right about where I expected – my first Ironman at age 52! I know that it was in me, but without Coach John and the team bringing it out, it never would have happened! John is a great coach, by that I mean he gets more out of you than you know you have, never quits, is a great motivator, very inclusive, cares about each athlete as a person and is a tireless champion of the sport. Thanks John – I am an Ironman!

- Paul Mozak (IM 140.6)

randy Training with Coach John has raised my performance level to new heights after 25 years of Triathlons.

Editors note: Randy ended up winning his age group at the Motor City Triathlon by over 15 minutes and came in 11th overall out of 800 participants!

- Randy Mcelwain (Ironman Triathlete)

luciana John is an extremely motivating coach! Reminds you of how great you already are and pushes you to become even greater. He sticks with you to the end no matter how ugly it gets.

John is a true leader. He consistently practices what he preaches. He works just as hard (if not harder) than his trainees.

Great communicator! He follows up on you after training, just to check in or to provide feedback. He is also very timely in response to any questions, and he is always available via email or phone.

Great accountability partner. Coach John is very good at holding you accountable. There’s no way he’s let you sneak out of training unnoticed (believe me I’ve tried!).

- Luciana Ranger - First Time Triathlete

steve John is a fantastic coach – he really practices what he preaches by training hard with his students – he never seems to take a day off!

He is an excellent motivator and has personally encouraged me to get into the best shape of my life. He is constantly adapting the workouts to help push you to the next level and has an excellent mix of drills. His workouts remove all of the anxiety associated with doing a triathlon because you know you are ready for the race.

I would recommend John to anyone who in interested in doing a triathlon or just getting into better shape.

- Steve Haener (Former College Football Player and Triathlete)

amy John is exceptionally caring with incredibly high energy. Coach John provide me the right combination of support, encouragement and motivation.

John helped me find my personal edge and pushes me beyond it to be my best. He puts together a great plan then pushed you to work hard to get there.

Editors Note: Amy finished her first triathlon at Island Lake and was the #1 woman in her age group out of the water!

- Amy Bouque (First Time Triathlete)

Rides no matter what i.e. rain, thunder, lighting, cold, snow, heat, dehydration, sore muscles, hairline stress fractures, fog, no water. I can go on – but this guy will never quits. Coach John will bring that passion to you.

Coach John is totally committed to the sport of triathlon... Sleeps, eats, daydreams triathlon, e.g. brings training logs to dinner parties. Reads constantly. Always trying to learn more. I’d say he’s really committed.

Even his family admires him - but then they make sure he takes out the garbage, cuts the grass, make dinner etc. keeps the right balance.

- Bill Lanava (x6 Ironman and John's Training Partner)

melissa When I first decided to run a half-marathon I had no prior knowledge or experience; I was lost as to what where to begin! Coach John was there from the beginning encouraging me and designing a plan specifically targeted for my needs. The first day of training began with an hour long meeting. This meeting included coach John discussed with me my goals for the half-marathon, a three month running and nutrition plan, and the tools I would need to make my race a success.

I began my training while in college and coach John didn't cut me any slack. That was exactly what I needed! Each week I would increase my mileage according to John's plan. At the end of the week I would send him a detailed account of what I had accomplished. Coach John always promptly responded with tips and words of encouragement. Coach was always the first to volunteer his expertise, and even offered to drive out to my college if I felt I couldn't get through a workout. He was persistent and reliable, even when I was not.

Coach John always said, " never miss a workout". These words were some of the most powerful for me throughout the entire experience. I never did miss a workout and on April 10, 2010 I completed my first half-marathon. Coach was there at the finish line to congratulate me. Without his expert knowledge and ability to make me accountable, I have no doubt I would have never followed through. Because of him I can now say I accomplished this race. It was a feeling I will never forget.

- Melissa Moss - Albion College Student and First Time Half Marathoner

durai Training with John elevated my level of performance in Triathlon. His training program was balance and tough, and provided the necessary preparation for me do better in the event. As a coach, John, was in touch with me constantly, and evaluated my performance and provided helpful hints that made me better. His drive and energy are great qualities that pass on to you as you train with him.

- Durai Palanivelu - IM 140.6

linda On New Year’s Day 2010 I would have never thought for a second I would be completing a triathlon that year. I was wrong

When I was offered the opportunity to receiving triathlon coaching and training, I had to sign up. I knew this would be my chance to finally complete a triathlon. Coach John provided me the education to prepare for a triathlon (workouts, equipment, nutrition) and his workout program gave me structure and variety. I looked forward to training each day and immediately saw positive results from my training. Coach John introduced new aspects to triathlon training as I progressed through his program. When it was time for race day, was nervous, but was prepared and ready to race.

When training for a triathlon, we all need to overcome something. When I started training, I could not swim and was terrified of water. Coach John immediately gave me tips and all the resources needed to become a swimmer. He believed in me more than I believed in myself! I have now completed two sprint distance triathlons and looking forward to my next race.

- Linda Murphy - First Time Triathlete

chris As a doctor, and a former U.S. Army Infantry Paratrooper at Fort Bragg, NC, I dedicate considerable time to my health and fitness, and I have always been in good shape.

I work with Olympic level athletes and doctors so elite fitness is nothing new to me. I decided to begin a training program with Coach John to push myself to new limits, get myself in triathlon shape, and accomplish a goal of completing a race.

I quickly learned that being in great shape, knowing the top nutrition secrets, and being a doctor meant nothing to training for a triathlon.

I had to re-learn and get better at what I already knew. When I began the program with Coach John biking and swimming were absolutely new to me. I could run pretty well, but running on dead legs after a long bike was something I had never experienced either. Coach John pushed me for 6 months- harder than I could ever push myself. He inspired me, taught me the secrets, trained alongside me and even became a good friend along the way.

I registered for a half-Ironman competition just 7 months after training, an unimaginable feat for most. I FINISHED the race in great time, and will do more in the future. I highly encourage you to take advantage of Coach John, and his JY-Tri team and training program. Whether you are novice, or elite, he will take you to new levels- an investment that is PRICELESS.

- Dr. Chris Niedzinski - 1/2 IronMan Triathlete - in his first ever Triathlon

connie After some sluggish marathons, disappointing times and not even close to qualifying for Boston, I joined Coach John’s marathon running team. Coach John is a true inspiration for any athlete. Coach John is extremely enthusiastic and motivates everyone to do their best. Whether a beginner, novice or expert, Coach John will help you meet your goals. His high energy is addicting. He encourages you to do your best and you’ll hear his words ringing in your ears during your big event. I not only cut off seventeen minutes from my previous marathon but I reached my goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I can’t thank Coach John enough for helping me reach my goals.

- Connie Doughty - 14 Time Marathoner and Boston Qualifier

rob John is a fantastic coach and great motivator. John’s intense training plans are tailored to provide a solid framework to exceed any goal you set for yourself across all disciplines. As an example I improved my half marathon time by over 15 minutes from the year before!

I would recommend John to anyone (new and experienced athletes) interested in improving their triathlon or endurance training experience.

- Rob Skorupski - x3 IronMan

mark Coach John changed my life and I will always be grateful. I never thought I could compete in or complete a 1/2 Ironman, but after my first meeting with Coach John, I knew he could train me to finish. Coach John is a fantastic trainer. He developed a detailed and individualized daily training program for swimming, biking and running, but more importantly he provided the motivation an athlete needs along the way. It was the inspiration I needed to complete this challenge; a challenge I never thought I could accomplish. Through a series of daily and weekly training schedules, in combination with the best coaches in swimming, biking and running, Coach John's program will not only help you finish but motivate you to continue to compete and train for other events after finishing your first. I never thought I would become so excited about training at 4 a.m. , but Coach John's programs has taught be the benefit of training and the fun that goes along with it. If you ever want to compete in a Triatholon and don't know where to begin. Coach John will help you achieve your goal.

- Mark Canvasser - IM 140.6


My fitness goal for 2010: “Take my game to the next level”. This meant finishing the year in the top three of the USAC Mountain Bike points series for my class. I realized late last year the quickest way for me to increase my endurance, strength, and speed was to focus more on cross training. When Coach John pitched the “Beginning Tri-training Program” during one of my spin classes in January, I immediately saw an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. I could potentially reach my fitness goal and address my curiosity and inner desire to race a Triathlon.

Coach John’s approach was very logical:

  1. Enlist highly qualified coaches that independently specialize in swimming, biking, and running.
  2. Baseline each athlete through the use of video for each discipline.
  3. Formally Instruct/teach proper and efficient form for each discipline based on video reviews.
  4. Encourage training in groups along with weekly classes to give each other continuous motivation and feedback.
  5. Culminate with the May 29th Triathlon Race at Island Lake.

It was a blast! The class members, the coaching and the results all surpassed my expectations. I came in 6th in my age class. This put me in the top 25% of the field on my first Sprint Triathlon with a race time of 1 hour and 23 minutes. My USAC Mountain Bike season ended at Stony Creek with a 2nd place finish. This put me at a 2nd place finish overall with season point totals in my class at “Expert 40-49”. So, I had a lot of fun this year.

I would do it again in a heartbeat. Next year I plan to do more Triathlon races. Thanks Coach!

- Doug Queener

jen_bIf you had asked me at the beginning of this year what my fitness goals were for 2010, never in a million years would I have said 3 sprint triathlons and a half marathon. I’ve always been passionate about fitness but I’ve stayed within my comfort zone. Coach John inspired something inside of me that I didn’t know existed. The tears of joy and self-accomplishment after crossing the finish line are unlike any other! I have learned so much on this journey; about myself, my fitness level, and that you can do anything you set your mind to. Thank you Coach John for making this year unforgettable!

- Jen Brennan – First Time Triathlete and Marathoner

daniel Training under the guidance of Coach John has transformed me into an athlete that I didn't realize that I could become. Not only did he help me reach my goals, but he inspired me to set and reach for new goals that I didn't think were within my reach. I highly recommend Coach John for anyone needing a direction in their endurance training.

- Dr. Daniel Rosenberg - 1/2 IronMan Triathlete

hilary After competing in 2 triathlons, I fell in love with the sport and was looking to become more competitive. The problem was that I didn't know where to turn to get that help. Luckily I found Coach John Yusko! His personal triathlon experiences and coaching skills helped increase my knowledge of the sport & provided me with the tools to take my training to the next level.

From a training perspective, Coach John gave me a training schedule and held me accountable by tracking my workouts. He consistently provided support and words of encouragement, especially when he noticed I was skipping some workouts. Throughout the weeks of training, Coach John provided helpful feedback on my form & training progress. John was also there, on the sidelines, cheering me on during my first triathlon of the 2010 season.

Every second counts in a triathalon, including your transitions, so personal nutrition and equipment are very important. With so many options out in the market, I really needed some help. Coach John's knowledge and experience guided me to the type of equipment I should have at each leg of the race. He also explained the pros and cons of different brands and styles which enabled me to make intelligent purchases.

With John's coaching and continued support, I have been able to take my training to the next level and have connected with others in the sport. I'm proud to say that John helped me finish in the top 3 in my age group twice this year and I'm looking forward to continued success in triathlons. Thanks again Coach John!

- Hilary White (Former College Swimmer & Triathlete)

randyh I started working with John on a sprint triathlon training program in January 2010, aiming for a May race. I would summarize my experience as "you gotta love Coach John". His enthusiasm for the sport of triathlon is exceptional. His enthusiasm is contagious. He coached me every step of the way, from a detailed weekly training plan to near daily communications on plan progress, always supportive and encouraging. Also, John held numerous weekend clinics for swim, bike, and run techniques. His iron man experience and expertise were clearly evident. If you want to compete in your first triathlon, like me, or improve your triathlon performance...just follow his plan....Coach John is the man.

- Randy Holmes - at 64 Year Old - A First Time Triathlete

meghan Sweat dripping, my body striving for the finish line, the emotion, the rush and the accomplishment of finishing my first ever triathlon is one of the most memorable moments in my life. Coach John made all this possible and I can’t wait to do it all over again! Through training with Coach John I have been able to push myself in ways I never thought were possible. My running has improved 100% and I have found a love for cycling and swimming that I never knew I had. His encouragement and words push you to want to do the best you can and the fact that he is right by your side the entire time going through it with you makes it even more motivating. Most coaches watch from the side-lines…not Coach John, he’s right there, running, cycling and swimming with you, pushing you and himself to be the best! Coach John has not only made it possible for me to be a true tri-athlete but has introduced me to an amazing group of people that strive for the same accomplishments and goals as I do which makes the entire experience that much more fun and amazing!

- Meghan Giersdorf - First Time Triathlete

brian Where do I start? Coach John took a runner and turned him into an Ironman. In February of 2010 I didn't know how to swim. I had always watched The Ford Ironman World Championships in October and thought I would love to do that. I joined John's beginner tri program and very quickly was swimming over a mile. He taught me everything he knew about triathlon biking. No matter what the weather was like outside we never missed a ride. He always emphasized that you never know what the weather would be on race day. He was always out there riding with the team.

By the time May 29th rolled around he not only had me ready to finish a tri but to compete in the Olympic distance.I finished 5th in my age group.The next weekend was The Race for Recovery Half Ironman. I finished in a time of 4:49:46. I went from not knowing how to swim 4months earlier to finishing the 1.2 mile swim in 38:42. How did I do that? Easy two words. John Yusko. He would never let me miss a workout and was always there with words of encouragement. I remember him saying"you don't know how good you really are do you?" The confidence Coach reinforces in his athletes is top notch.

The next race was 2 months away and Coach John kept teaching me everything he knew. Always with words of encouragement. July 31st. My first official Ironman 70.3. Steelhead in Benton Harbor MI. I would finish top 10% in both my age group and overall.(4:54:46.) This time I would break the 2 1/2 Hour mark on the bike(2:28:28).

Again John would keep pushing me and coaching me with amazing energy. Along the way always emphasizing the importance of nutrition and hydration as well as technique. Teaching me how to attack on the hills. Assuring me that I would overtake many riders on hills. Between Steelhead and the upcoming Ironman Louisville(August 29th)We would train harder than I ever thought necessary. Weekly Coach John would give me our schedule, and many times I thought "REALLY?" Isn't this a bit extreme! It was exactly right.

August 29th 7am the gun goes off and I jumped in the water at Ironman Louisville. I came out of the 2.4 mile swim in 1:23:24(rank-1374)As i headed to transition I came up on John and fed of his once again amazingly energetic encouragement. "Go get em Brian" I would turn in a bike of 5:33:38. It was amazing how many people I would pass while attacking the hills. Hearing Coach John's voice throughout.Attack,Attack,Attack.(Rank 334)

I started the run feeling great. WHY? Because John coached nutrition and hydration on the bike! Here is my testimony on not only what a great coach, John is but what a truly caring coach and person he is. I had just passed the 23.5 mile mark and was hurting badly. That's when I saw John. He was at the 15 mile mark and come to find out later on the brink of heat exhaustion. I could se the pain he was enduring. Most people and most coaches would not have been able to do what he did...Putting how he felt aside he came to the middle of the road and yelled out"BRIAN YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE AN IRONMAN, I'M SO PROUD OF YOU! GO!GO!. What else could i do but run the 2 fastest miles if my marathon leg of the race. Only because of the encouragement from Coach John.

I finished the My first Ironman In 11:24:37. Again top10% in both age group and overall.228 of 3000 & 41st of 479. I owe so much to Coach John. Not only for helping me reach my ultimate goal of completing an Ironman but pushing to the level of competing. He proved to me not only what a great coach he is but more importantly what an amazingly caring person he is.

I signed up with a coach in February to do triathlon. I finished the Ironman with a Best Friend. This man will take you to levels that you would never had dreamed of. Everyone who signs with Coach John may not be an Ironman but whatever the goal is your trying to reach he will do anything and everything in his power to get you there. If that happens to be an Ironman, best of luck on your journey!

- Brian Grzyb - x5 Ironman

In the last several years I had developed a desire to compete in a triathlon, other than that thought I really had no idea of where to begin or what to do next. As my wife and I had discussed the topic she reminded me that in the approaching 30 years that she has know me she had never seen me swim, I did not own a bike and my aversion to running is great due to the physical discomfort that it causes.

As a member of LifeTime Fitness my good fortune would prevail in that my club, Commerce Township, decided to host a Triathlon Class with John Yusko as the head coach. John provided a plan that allowed me to begin a systematic approach to my training regimen and build a solid base of endurance for the various disciplines. John also introduced various specialists for the swim and run portion of our program. We quickly moved our training from the indoors to an outdoor environment in early Spring which really continued to solidified our base training and also provided that taste of what a real race day would begin to look like versus the protected environment of the gym.

John led us by example. His work ethic and motivational skills are like none I have rarely witnessed in an individual. Coach John encouraged each of us when needed.

Most of us have some anxiety as race day nears, but from a mental aspect I was confident that our team had put in the many requisite hours of training needed to form a strong foundation and the final step was to go out and enjoy the experience of competing in my first race.

- Henry Hutchinson (x2 IronMan 140.6)